Students debate on climate crisis with COP27 Climate Negotiation Simulation event

Pupils from 28 schools from across Northern Ireland joined us at Belfast City Hall on the 16th November 2022 for our COP27 Climate Negotiation Simulation Event .

Playing the part of world leaders, Non-Governmental Bodies (NGOs) or journalists, they were tasked with taking part in a real-life climate simulation, producing a global agreement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Find out more about the event below:

Aim of the event

The event is aimed at 16-18 year olds across all subject areas. By participating in the event, the students will find out more about UN-style negotiations and experience what its like to negotiate a climate deal.

How the event will work

Using materials developed by Climate Interactive and MIT, students will represent either a country, region or lobby group. In order to agree measures to limit the rise in global temperature to below 3 degrees C., students will engage in a negotiation simulation. During the negotiations, their proposals will be fed into a computer programme, which uses real-life data to model what the consequences of the proposals would be. This will give them the opportunity to better understand how climate negotiations, such as the UN Climate Change Conference COP27 operate and give them the opportunity to work with students from other schools in reaching a consensus on the issue.

Further details to follow upon registration.

How many schools can attend?

The event is limited to 30 schools (2 students each) .

Further information

Further details, role assignments and logistical arrangements will be provided closer to the time. There is no cost for participating and lunch will be provided.


For more information on the programme, please contact: Elaine Nesbitt, International Education Portfolio Manager -

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