Discover the power of global learning

Connecting Classrooms is the perfect place to start your school’s global learning journey. The new programme supports schools internationally to learn about and collaborate on the big issues that shape our world. It helps teachers enhance lessons with global learning themes and offers students the opportunity to interact and learn with peers from other countries. Connecting Classrooms strengthens the knowledge, skills and attitudes young people need for life and work in today’s world, while encouraging them to make a positive contribution now and in the future.

Learn together, act together

Connecting Classrooms is about more than just understanding global issues — it’s about inspiring students to apply what they learn in the classroom to help them thrive in the wider world. By integrating global themes into their lessons, teachers can engage learners in understanding how to use core and transferable skills, such as critical thinking and citizenship, to create positive change and live as responsible global citizens.

Partnering and collaborating with schools in other countries, also makes the classroom a more engaging and inspiring place for young people. Teachers are fully supported throughout this process with free, high-quality professional development and training on global learning themes and building and maintaining partnerships, as well as downloadable classroom resources around the Sustainable Development Goals. 

Collaboration and support

Connecting Classrooms helps schools make connections locally and globally, encouraging schools in the UK to work together as clusters, or individually, to develop partnerships with schools in other countries and embed global learning in the classroom. As well as benefitting from unique collaboration opportunities, being part of a cluster means you are fully supported throughout your global learning journey by becoming part of a new global learning network, where practitioners with a broad range of international expertise share their experiences and advice.


Programme components:

Build your own global learning journey
There are a host of learning opportunities on offer through Connecting Classrooms. Whether you are part of a cluster or applying for individual opportunities, you can tailor your global learning journey to match your school’s priorities thanks to the programme’s range of flexible elements.

International school partnerships
Nothing brings global learning to life like the opportunity to learn and interact with peers in other countries. International school partnerships inspire students to fully engage with lessons through joint learning activities focusing on global themes. They also offer teachers the chance to share experiences and learn new practices from colleagues in other countries. Connecting Classrooms offers an online partner-finding tool to help build international connections, as well as guidance and training to get the most from partnerships. It also includes the opportunity to apply for grants for reciprocal visits between partner schools in different countries. 

Professional development
To get the most from Connecting Classrooms, teachers and school leaders get free access to high-quality professional development opportunities offered directly through the programme. These training courses equip teachers and leaders with the skills and practices to integrate global learning themes into existing lessons, while also providing practical guidance on building and maintaining international partnerships. Training is completely flexible, with face-to-face and online sessions available. You also have the choice of attending external courses or organising training within your school or cluster. 

Classroom resources
Because the Sustainable Development Goals are at the core of global learning themes, Connecting Classrooms offers a range of free, downloadable classroom resources for use throughout schools in the UK. Relevant to all learning environments, these resources have been designed to adapt to any curriculum and offer creative and engaging ideas to bring global themes to life in the classroom and inspire students with ideas on taking action on global issues. 

 More information on the new Connecting Classrooms programme coming soon!