Role of the committee

Find out the main duties, typical items of business and other areas of responsibility the Northern Ireland advisory committee work towards.

The role of the committee 

The main duties of members are:

  • Participating in annual Committee meetings.
  • Contributing to the pursuit of the Committee’s aims outlined in the attached terms of reference
  • Keeping the British Council in Northern Ireland abreast of major developments in the public, educational, economic and cultural life of Northern Ireland.
  • Serving as a channel of professional advice within his/her own area of expertise, and identifying new opportunities
  • Providing access to communities within Northern Ireland for whom the British Council’s work has relevance
  • Acting as advocates for the Council’s work in Northern Ireland and in the UK as a whole.

Typical items of business at the regular meetings include:

  • Briefings on British Council strategy and policy and discussion on implications in Northern Ireland
  • Updates on British Council global and NI projects, focusing at each meeting on a different theme/sector of work, and discussion of relevance to Northern Ireland
  • Considering research into British Council engagement in Northern Ireland/across the UK
  • Advice on strategic relationship management of key partners in Northern Ireland.

Other activities that members may be asked to engage in will include:

  • Providing advice between meetings to managers on strategy or project development
  • Participating in meetings with relevant strategic partners
  • Attending flagship conferences, consultation events, media briefings or project launches.

We expect that members will need to make a commitment of around four meetings per year to fulfil the role, plus additional attendance at Council-organised events.  Committee members are appointed for a three year term, renewable for a further three years. Positions on the Northern Ireland Advisory Committee are not remunerated but expenses will be reimbursed at standard British Council rates.