Irish Language Assistant Programme

The Irish Language Assistants programme aims to promote and support the teaching and learning of Irish in schools throughout Northern Ireland.

Every year, we seek to recruit fluent, and preferably native speakers of Irish to work in schools throughout Northern Ireland to help support the teaching and learning of Irish.

Successful applicants are matched to placements offered by schools for one academic year only, after which they may re-apply to the programme for a further year. Hours of work per week depend upon the requests we receive from schools and upon your own availability and mobility.

A year as an Irish Language Assistant is an ideal opportunity to:

  • Gain teaching experience
  • Enhance your career
  • Develop essential transferable skills
  • Contribute to your own personal development

How do I apply?

Applications for the 2014-2015 academic year are now closed. They will open for 2015-2016 early next year.


How can I employ an Irish Language Assistant in my school?

The Irish Language Assistants programme is open to all schools in Northern Ireland where Irish is taught. Apply here

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