Over the last eleven years, OUTBURST has grown from a small community event to an acclaimed festival of local and international queer Arts, culture and ideas.

Based in Belfast, Northern Ireland, Outburst creates a space for what queer is and means to people NOW — a space for exploring and exploding and questioning and celebrating all kinds of LGBTQ experience through the arts, entertainment and discussion, in a "post-equality" world.

Outburst is global as well as local and sees queer in a global context, within and beyond the European or US experience and beyond the binary.

Through a parternship with British Council, this year's festival boats participants from over 15 countries in a programme that questions the idea of Changes.

 We wanted to find work and creative ideas that look at where we are now and imagine possibiities, realities, alternatives, consequences, histories, ideas, joys, affirmations and resistances, well into our queer futures. We hope events that Outburst 2017 creates spaces for you all to do just that.  

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