Cake Daddy: The Single Launch - places full-figured bodies in the spotlight and explores what it means to be out of the ordinary.

Long-time Outburst artists and collaborators Ross Anderson- Doherty, Marty Byrne, Alyson Campbell and Lachlan Philpott (Bison, To Build a Bear, Qabarett, The Trouble with Harry, GL RY) are coming together with spatulas and wooden spoons to shake, slap and bake Cake Daddy, a chequered Battenberg of a show that will be premiering in full next year at Outburst 2018.

This delicious new interactive banquet will plunge you belly deep inside the experience of fat/ness, exploring the fabulosity and fortitude required to step into the world as a fat person today.

To give you a taste of what’s in the oven, we present the world premiere and launch of Ross and Marty’s Cake Daddy limited edition single, Cake Daddy’s Recipe (Fat Is A Verb). Come and gorge on Daddy’s slice o’ vinyl disco heaven!

Strictly limited edition single available to buy at event.

Creative Team: Ross Anderson-Doherty & Marty Byrne, Alyson Campbell, Lachlan Philpott, Siobhán Barbour, Jonathan Graffam.

Cake Daddy’s Recipe (Fat is a Verb) by Ross Anderson-Doherty and Marty Byrne


Development supported by British Council

 WHERE: Black Box

WHEN: Saturday 11h November, 9.30pm


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