In April 2016, Terra Nova Productions produced The Belfast Tempest, one of the largest Shakespeare productions Belfast has ever seen. 

Inspired by the history of the great port city of Belfast, the play featured local and international actors, with special emphasis on Asia and the 56 nations of Africa and the Caribbean.

Supported by British Council, Belfast City Council and Arts Council Northern Ireland, the project brought together more than 230 community cast members to join professionals from around the world for a truly international and cross community event staged at Belfast's docks, and one of the largest Shakespeare productions this city has ever seen. 

The production promoted community engagement not only on stage, but behind the scenes, with 680 participation opportunities, including through set building, costume making and master-classes.

Andrea Montgomery, artistic director of Terra Nova Productions, said: “Terra Nova has always been an intercultural theatre company and since its inception in 2007, has aimed to bring local and global collaborations together.

“This version of the Tempest however, is a real Belfast version, and takes us through three stages of Belfast’s history — from its formation in the 1600s, to its industrial heyday in the late 19th century, finishing  up in modern-day Belfast.”

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