Three people standing together holding USA flag.

Interested in Study USA, but still need to get things straightened out? Here are the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions:

My Passport expires before the specified date, can I still apply?

Yes, you can still submit an application.  However, if shortlisted for interview we strongly recommend that you renew your passport as soon as possible.

I am registered with the disability services in my college/university. Will I be able to access support services at a US college?

Yes, if you are successful in getting a place on the programme we will ensure you are placed at the college where your needs can be fully supported.

Can I see a list of colleges in advance?

No, we do not issue a list of colleges in advance of applications.  If you are successful in getting a place on the programme we issue a list of participating colleges and then work closely with the students to match them with a suitable institution.

I am doing a Foundation year degree, when can I apply?

You should apply in your first year of your Foundation degree.

I am doing a Foundation Degree and don’t have a first year average, what should I do?

Please put down TBC and we will contact you in due course to find out your first semester average.

I have a placement year as part of my course; will Study USA count as my placement?

This depends entirely on your course; you will need to ask your course director if Study USA will meet your requirements.  If you are planning to take Study USA as your placement year please seek permission before applying.

Study USA does not meet the requirements of my placement year, can I still go on Study USA?

This depends entirely on your course.  Some courses do allow students to take both a placement year and another year out on Study USA, but this is up the discretion of your course director.  Please seek permission prior to application if you are planning to do this.

I am not from Northern Ireland, can I still apply for Study USA?

You do not need to be from Northern Ireland to apply for Study USA.  If you are studying full time at a Northern Irish Institution and hold a UK/EU passport then you are eligible for the programme.

I am Northern Irish but am attending a University outside of Northern Ireland. Can I apply?

No.  The programme is only open for those studying at a Northern Irish Institutions.

Can I apply for Study USA on a Higher Level Apprenticeship course?

No, unfortunately you are not able to apply.

Is there an age restriction on applications or can mature students apply?

There are no age restrictions and students of any age are welcome to apply.

I am an engineering student and my course is three years with possible extension to a 4 year course if I choose to take a masters pathway. When can I apply?

If you are a BEng student you should apply in your current pre-final year (second year).  If successful you would take your study USA year between second and third year.