Mapping Creative Hubs in Northern Ireland

This mapping report provides a record of some of the creative hubs working in Northern Ireland, including an overview of their role, their challenges, and their drive to deliver social and economic impact.

Mappings are a way to learn more about creative hubs and their ecosystem: where they are located, what their communities look like, what kind of impact hubs bring and what are their challenges and opportunities.

This research exercise was commissioned by the British Council in 2022 with the aim to complete a collection of creative hubs mappings across the UK’s four nations.

This report charts creative hubs across Northern Ireland, looking first at geographical location and concentration. It details profiles of creative hubs in terms of business model, services, number of members and audience engagement.

The research team considers the challenges and opportunities facing hubs, generally and in the context of their locality. The mapping also analyses the types of impact creative hubs have and how they align with the global Sustainable Development Goals. It provides four case studies of different hubs across Northern Ireland Midtown Makers, MADE in Mourne, Blick Studios and Boom Inc.

The research team started work in April 2022, identifying more than 69 creative hubs in Northern Ireland and receiving input from 26%. This report is an introductory exercise in Northern Ireland, aiming to develop a baseline understanding of where creative hubs are situated and what their successes, needs and challenges are. It also considers social and economic impacts of hubs and their ability to respond to global challenges.

We wish to extend our thanks and appreciation to the creative community across Northern Ireland, who were generous with their time and input for this research exercise and to Marianne Kennerley, Director at Boom! Inc Studios, Bangor for completing this report.

Download the full report below.