David Hoyle: My Global Agenda

What is a "queer home"?

As part of Outburst Arts 2016, Outburst and the British Council explored the idea of home through a series of digital commissions - asking some of the most interesting UK artists – including Cat Brogan, Le Gateau Chocolat, David Hoyle, Gerry Potter and Robert Softley, most of whom will be performing at this year’s festival – to create short films exploring the question: What does ‘home’ mean to us as queer people?

Looking at:

HOME as in blood family

HOME as in chosen family and queer kinships

HOME as in where we feel we belong

HOME  as in the space we inhabit, whether that's city or nation

HOME in relation to the LGBTQ diaspora and those who have left their birth home to be themselves more freely elsewhere

HOME in relation to those who had to leave home because it was dangerous to be openly queer there

HOME for those who have not been able to leave home and occupy a closet there

HOME for those who have left other parts of the world to settle in Northern Ireland, or elsewhere

HOME as in future ways of living for LGBTQ people

HOME as metaphor for queer people

The queerness of HOME

The fantasty of HOME